If You See Her, Say Hello

californication_01温暖的加州阳光下,生活在慢慢腐烂。Hank Moody,曾经的著名作家,如今江郎才尽,整天游手好闲,恃才放旷,目空一切。他最爱的两个女人,一个是和他相恋十多年的女友,一个是他们爱情的结晶,他的宝贝女儿,如今都已离他而去。他的生活没有了意义,只能沉沦在毒品和女人中,等待着被救赎。

"It was the best of times. If only someone had told me.Mistakes were made. Hearts were broken. Harsh lessons were learnt. My family went on without me while I drown in a sea of pointless pussy. I don’t know how I got there. But here I am, rotting away in the warm California sun."


Showtime的2007年秋季档大作Californication(《加州靡情》)可以说是为David Duchovny量身定做的,他也不负众望获得了当年的金球奖,成功走出了事业低谷。剧中的David成功的塑造了一个有着无数缺点和一颗善良的心的男人,睿智、失意、执着,又带着点孩子气,是很多聪明而多情的女人的最爱。

剧中的爱情时而美好时而心碎,远比日韩偶像剧要复杂深刻的多。举个例子,在第5集的末尾,看到暗恋对象有了心上人的Becca对父亲Hank说,“My heart hurts, I just want to be where it stops hurting.” 之后音乐响起,是Bob Dylan的”If You See Her, Say Hello”,一首难忘的伤心之作。

If you see her, say hello
She might be in Tangier
She left here last early spring
Is living there I hear

Say for me that I’m all right
Though things get kind of slow
She might think that I’ve forgotten her
Don’t tell her it isn’t so

We had a falling-out
Like lovers often will
And to think of how she left that night
It still brings me a chill

And though our separation
It pierced me to the heart
She still lives inside of me
We’ve never been apart

If you get close to her
Kiss her once for me
I always have respected her
For doing what she did and getting free

Oh, whatever makes her happy
I won’t stand in the way
Oh, the bitter taste still lingers on
From the night I tried to make her stay

I see a lot of people
As I make the rounds
And I hear her name here and there
As I go from town to town

And I’ve never gotten used to it
I’ve just learned to turn it off
Either I’m too sensitive
Or else I’m getting soft

Sundown yellow moon
I replay the past
I know every scene by heart
They all went by so fast

If she’s passing back this way
I’m not that hard to find
Tell her she can look me up
If she’s got the time


2 Responses to If You See Her, Say Hello

  1. Christina说道:


  2. JIE说道:

    Not like cheap desire, true love is always very expensive.


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