yesterday lover came back


Eleven years ago I was a teenage boy and met Portishead in a underground music store. I fell in love with them immediately while listening to "Portishead", their debut album. Their songs are ethereal, cold, glamour, dark, blue, or something like "drunk and lost in a flirtatious night", which was very hard to define at that time. Now  Portishead is the representative of "Trip-hop", loved by millions of people, but they do not care about fame and try to make the music in their own way, a very slow way, actually .

They released the third album "Third" this year, such a long time that I almost believe they have disbanded. "Third" is an old flame, once deeply loved but is not familar any more, reminded me of the old summer time when some oddly guys were burning their youth in a small bar near Fudan Universtiy. Does everyonce change as time goes by?


One Response to yesterday lover came back

  1. 小静说道:

    a small bar near Fudan?


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